Vendor services

With the advent of full disclosure, the search for software vulnerabilities has expanded to a great audience. As a consequence, today's software developer has become a larger target for security researchers and hackers alike. Software vendors are subject to loss of time, money and organisational credibility when vulnerabilities in their software are discovered and published without prior notification. The damage caused to vendors and their client relationships can often be devastating.
How can synapse help?
Synapse has the experience and technical knowledge to guide software developers throughout all stages of the product development life cycle;ensuring their products have been verified to be void of vulnerabilities in order to protect developers and their clients.

Service Description

Strategic Consulting.

unlike usual vague answers and textbook solutions, Synapse labs provides more than diagnosis of the problem , we provide reliable and practical effective paths to implement desired product security.

Private testing.

Private tests evaluate a vendors product and results are availabe only to the vendor. Vendors may choose the testing methodology whether it's standard or collaborate with us to develop a custom testing methodology.
Private testing will benefit the vendor by:

  • -Identifying security holes and bugs before customers which saves the vendors' time and reputation by maintaining product quality .
  • -Synapse labs will determine the problems , their scope and recommend strategies to correct them .
  • -Obtaining a trusted third party validation which will be a testimony and a proof of quality and security to customers who know that it has been verified thorough a trusted independent source.
Fuzzing & Reverse engineering Fuzzing & reverse engineering functions that can lead to denial of service attacks or code execution and more.
Stress testing Test the stability of your system by pushing it beyond it's capability
Anti-piracy Protecting your software against piracy by:
  • -Testing anti-piracy protection mechanisms.
  • -Checking whether built-in anti-debugging techniques are sufficient.
  • -Reverse engineering code obfuscation algorithms.


You can check synapse's security advisories here