Synapse Certified Malware Reverse Engineer

This 5 day course involves the study of malware from a reverse engineering perspective, have the ability to understand the most sophisticated techniques that are embedded in Viruses, Trojans or even Worms and have the skill to learn how creators of this malicious software have written them. The problem with Anti viruses are that they are not unable to keep up with the rapid amount of malicious software and their variants that are being spread throughout the Internet. Now you can be one of the few people that can actually help the industry in analyzing and discovering how these malwares work and have the luxury of capturing malware that is lurking in the wild. Very few information security researchers have the ability to apply and demonstrate the true skill of reverse malware engineering. You will be at the top of your professional field by taking this 5 day malware reverse engineering course brought to you by true experts in the malware reverse engineering industry.

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