Synapse Certified Exploit Developer

Ever wonder how exploits get developed? Are you tired of waiting for others to release an exploit so that you can use it? Tired of seeing many bounty challenges and wish to make a quick buck off of them? ....Wait no longer the Synapse Exploitation 5 day course will bring you up to skill in no time to start developing your own exploits or even have the ability to turn an Advisory into an actual exploit. By the time you have finished this course you will be able to discover new vulnerabilities, write stack and heap based exploits, work on your own shell code, understand how to navigate through a debugger to actually pin point how vulnerability got triggered and much more. With that said you will be one of the few skilled people that posses the art of developing fully weaponized exploits that will extend your skill to a new level with this 5 day exploitation course brought to you by true experts in the vulnerability research industry.

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