How Synapse Increases Your ROI

Threat landscape is changing rapidly which pushed enterprises to continuously review and adjust the protection scheme they have , But with rapid inner changes in the organization itself the protection scheme will need to be more flexible and adaptive , situations change rapidly and security must adjust quickly to keep up with the changes. Until recently , Situational analysis used to tell us about the organization’s needs and the response to these needs is often “fixed” and “static” , which means that software couldn’t adapt to what happens in the environment. Now as changes are faster , It became impossible for enterprises to successfully adapt leaving them vulnerable and not completely protected . organizations are now spending more on security equipment than they want in an attempt to adapt to future changes , which results in useless redundant security equipments at their disposal ; In the light of this they realize that as the total cost of ownership (TCO) for the security products increases, they may never fully reap their desired return on investment (ROI).

We Engage

At this stage we become vendor neutral and start understanding your needs.

We Collaborate

We work with your team to interview vendors and assess which types of products are more suitable for your organization, budgets and future expansions.

We Analyze & Report

After we have studied the products, tested them we come back with a report that would state the best fit product for your organization and how we saved your investments.

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