Synapse Security Advisories

SYN-12-06-1Arbor PeakFlow SP 5.7Local File Inclusion

Multiple Persistent XSS

SYN-12-03-1Lancope Stealth Watch 6.1Multiple Persistent XSS15-05-2012
SYN-12-02-1Progea Movicon BA 11.2 Dll Hijacking07-06-2011
SYN-11-07-1Fujitsu ServerView Agents < Code Execution07-06-2011
SYN-11-05-1SIEMENS HiPath 3000 PBXRemote Denial Of Service30-05-2011
SYN-11-04-1 SIEMENS HiPath 3000 PBXRemote Denial Of Service10-05-2011
SYN-11-03-1SIEMENS HiPath Manager ELocal Code Execution28-04-2011
SYN-11-02-1SAGE InvoicingRemote Code Execution01-03-2011
SYN-11-01-1SAP Crystal ReportsRemote Code Execution15-03-2011

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