Black Rabbit FrameWork

The Black Rabbit project is a framework for binary manipulation and it is also a code integration engine, it gives the ability to edit, modify and add any code to a closed source binary while keeping it fully functional. The framework is module based and its interpretor is our proprietary synapse scripting engine which offers the flexibility to the user to easily call predefined functions in the core modules to edit, update or modify any binary files, on the other side it allows the users to develop their own modules and integrate them in to the framework.

Community EditionProfessional Edition
Core ModulesYesYes
Low level modulesYesYes
High level modules samplesYesYes
Interpreter ConsoleYesYes
Scripting engineYesYes
Basic GUI InterfaceYesYes
WEB interfaceYesYes
Advanced GUI InterfaceNoYes
Graphical output and layoutsNoYes
Reporting engineNoYes
Advanced ModulesNoYes
Support and updatesNoYes
Forum accessYesYes
The core modules contain the basic functions required for PE editing, disassembler, assembler, calculation functions. those functions can be called by higher level modules or executed from our interpreter or even used to build scripts using Black Rabbit’s private scripting language. The Low level modules predefined in Black Rabbit contains some predefined functions that uses core module functions which in turn executes more complex operations such Encryption, Code relocation, functions encoding, polymorphism, metamorphism, patching, hardening and Security mechanism integration and so on. The user defined low level modules, are modules developed by the user that can use the core basic functions inside the core modules to build their own low level modules and functions such as custom encryption algorithms, custom operations on binary... The High level modules are more complex modules that are built as scripts, developed using a private structured scripting language to build custom sequential list of functions and instructions to edit one or more binaries in bulk operations, the scripting language supports basic variables functions, loops, conditions, functions calls … The framework console, is an interpreter with its own list of commands that permits loading binaries and modules, executing functions and modules interactively and also execution of scripts defined as high level modules. A GUI and WEB interface that is more user friendly for executing modules and functions.