BlackRabbit is a code integration framework which utilises unique techniques via plug-ins to embed new code inside a closed source binary file and becomes a fully functional part of its code. The only limitation for its use is the imagination of the user. Blackrabbit can be used for any of the below scenarios:

  • Anti-Virus Engine Training
  • Loss of source code
  • Software Patching & Hardening
  • Anti Reverse Engineering


& Trainings

The current information security requires industry professionals to constantly train and refresh their technical skills. Synapse Certified training programs help prepare security-focused candidates using the latest technologies, threats, and remediation strategies to improve their performance and security awareness in the workplace. In a service-based information technology economy, utilizing and expanding on relevant technical skillsets are essential pillars for success.

  • SCED
  • Ultimate Hacking BootCamp



The benefit of a penetration test is to identify the extent to which a system can be compromised before an actual determined attack. Our test results will either show you where you to need enhance your security, or let you know that you should sleep better at night. Only a real penetration test can simulate what would happen if a determined hacker were to target your organization.

  • Web Application Testing
  • Network Penetration Testing
  • Wireless Security Assessment



Difficulties arise due to the complexity of Viruses , Worms and Trojans that are being developed by malware authors. Such malwares include code obfuscation, anti-debugging techniques, and utilize encryption algorithms to protect command and control information. These methods maximise the time frame of infection by the malicious binary before it is discovered and purged from impacted systems.

  • Infection Detection & Isolation
  • Malware Analysis & Reverse Engineering



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